Bullet Points and Boring Slides

PowerPoint. Has there ever been a more unpleasant word in the English language? (Maybe “webinar,” but that’s a different blog post.)

I’m going to share what is maybe the best professional advice I have ever gotten.

Don’t read verbatim from your PowerPoint slide. Your audience can read.

galaxy brain

I guarantee—yes, guarantee, or your money back—that following this advice will instantly make your presentations a zillion times more interesting for you and your audience.

Take a look at this slide from one of my presentations:

Not one bullet.

Notice the balance of photos on the slide and text in the presenter notes. The slide could have easily looked like this:

The new Paterson Great Falls National Park can:
• bring major economic benefits to the city and region
• attract tourists and entrepreneurs
• bring capital, jobs, intellectual energy, and creativity
• improve the desirability of Paterson as a place to visit, learn, live, work, and invest

Instead, I chose to represent those bullets with images. I used those notes as a starting point for a dialog about the National Park and its benefits. I brought the audience into the presentation as active participants instead of talking at them as passive listeners.

If you take one thing away from my website, make it this: DON’T READ YOUR POWERPOINTS!

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