Do I Need Robin Gold Consulting?

The first thing I do when I get into the office is:

Time for your weekly staff meeting. What's the most pressing item on the agenda?

Your favorite staff member is leaving. Why?

You're meeting with the Board for your annual performance review. What was your biggest accomplishment this year?

You're treating your entire staff to lunch. What are you eating?

Does my organization need Robin Gold Consulting?
Grant Writing

You need some new funding sources, and fast! I'm an experienced grant writer, and I know how to create dynamic and engaging proposals that appeal to funders. Contact me to find out more!
Event Planning

You need to engage more people at events! I've been planning events for over 12 years and I can help you put on anything from a gala dinner to a scholarly symposium to school field trip.

You need to define your brand and image! I am professionally trained in best practices for branding and effectively communicating your message to your audience.

You need a better website! I create modern, user-friendly websites that look good on any device and make your content easily accessible.

You need more effective presentations! I have trained in best practices for public speaking and PowerPoint slideshows (hint: avoid bullets) and I have several years of professional improv training.
Training and Workshops

You need your staff to learn these skills! You have the capacity. I have the knowledge, and I can teach your staff how to write great grant proposals, plan successful events, and give engaging presentations.

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