Does your organization have the time, the budget, the bandwidth––just not the knowledge?

You could hire me to do it all for you, but your organization will be stronger and more sustainable with a confident and knowledgable staff. I’ll create and conduct custom workshops and training curricula for your employees and/or your board, anything from a two-hour crash course in WordPress to a week-long intensive training in branding and communications.

I can train staff, management, and board members in:

  • Grant Writing: how to write a clear, concise proposal that includes the key information grantors want to see.
  • Event Planning: how to guarantee a successful event, from the first spark of an idea to the last thank-you note in the mailbox.
  • Branding: how to take control of your image and deliver a strong message.
  • Websites: how to create a visually-appealing, user-friendly website on any content management system.
  • Presentations: how to create and deliver an interesting, engaging presentation––even with a PowerPoint!